His Majesty reigns over Foreign Rulers; Principalities

In this video, i read a little of case law that pertains to His Majesty and how he reigns over foreign rulers; principalities.


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Shalom and Blessings!



  1. Divine Greetings and Blessings,
    I’n’I give thanks and praises unto JAH RAS TAFARI, the only sovereignty of heaven and earth, for all the others, are imposters and followers of the deceiver, Satan. I’n’I will forever honour the KING of glory, who lives and reigns continually. HIS infinite spirit dwells within I’n’I from the beginning of creation, and it will remain with I’n’I unto the ends of the earth that I’n’I may continue to hail HIM in the face of adversity without fear. JAH gave man dominion over HIS creation, to take care of HIS garden, but the man decided to rule over man and created grave destruction for himself, influenced by the Enemy of GOD. My lasting regards are to I’n’I. Let’s continue to be dutiful, and uplift one another in RAS TAFARI’S praise. JAH RAS TAFARI PERFECT LOVE is forever and ever. SELAH.

    • Selamta Selam Ras Eitiko! Yes I! Giving thanks and praises to Jah RasTafari! Thank you for the In-couraging and In-spriring words.

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